The Weekly Deities

Ravi-var (Sunday) is the day of the Sun. He is red coloured and rides a one-wheeled chariot pulled by seven horses. He is shown with two to four hands carrying two lotus flowers or a wheel and a conch-shell. Sunday is the day to worship Shakti (Female Energy) and a good day begin a new venture. Red colour should be worn on this day.

Som-var (Monday) is the day of the moon, a white coloured deity riding a three wheeled chariot and carrying a mace in one hand. The chariot is pulled by three horses. A person born under his influence will be honourable, powerful and rich. One should undertake a fast and wear white on this day.

Mangal-var (Tuesday) is ruled by Mangal who is red coloured and rides a ram. He has four arms and carries a trident and a mace. He sometimes rides a chariot. Mangal being malefic, the deity should be propitiated so that he may refrain from malevolent activities. A king starting a war on this day will be victorious. No auspicious activities should be started on this day and one should wear red for good-luck.

Budh-var (Wednesday) is the day of Mercury (Budh). He is the son of Soma (Moon), light yellow in colour with four arms carrying a mace, a sword and a shield and riding a lion. The clothes and garland worn by Budh are also yellow coloured. He is considered wise and always exerts an influence in conjunction with other planets. Feeding the Brahmins on this day is considered good.

Brihaspati.var (Thursday) is also called Guruvar. A yellow coloured deity, he normally sits on a Lotus or a golden chariot pulled by eight horses. He is four armed and holds a mace, a rosary and a sphere in his hands. A person under his influence will have a lot of wealth. A girl coming to motherhood on this day will have many Sons. Brihaspati is the teacher of the Gods. Thursday’s colour is yellow.

Shukra-var (Friday) is the day of Shukra, the teacher of the demons. He is white coloured and sits on a lotus. He is also shown riding a chariot with a lot of flags and being pulled by eight flame-coloured horses. He has four hands with two holding a rosary and a mace. He is the most auspicious of the planets. It is good to fast on Fridays.

Shani-var (Saturday). Shani (Saturn) is the most malicious of the planets. He is a black coloured old man riding a vulture or an iron chariot. He is shown with four hands holding a bow, a trident and an arrow. All misfortunes are traced to him, so much so that periods of misfortune are termed as ‘Shani-dasa’. Due to a curse given by his wife, Shani has the capacity to cause destruction with his eyes. Hence he is always looking down so as not to destroy anything. The planet should be worshipped on Saturdays to reduce his evil influence.

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