Vayu The God of Wind

Vayu is the god of the wind. Extremely handsome in appearance, he moves about noisily in a shining chariot drawn by a pair of red or purple horses. At times the number of horses increase to forty—nine or even a thousand. The latter number would probably be employed when there is a cyclone. He is also represented as a fair-complexioned man riding a deer and carrying a white flag. He may have two to four hands and may carry a goad and a wheel.

Often associated with Indra, Vayu won the race for the first draught of Soma juice (ambrosia). He does not occupy a very prominent position in the Vedic hymns. He is considered the friend of the waters. At a later stage he is said to have begotten a son, Hanuman (the monkey god), who played a conspicuous role in the epic Ramayana. In the other epic Mahabharata, Bhim also is said to be the son of Vail.

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