Varuna God of The Oceans

Varuna, the god of the oceans, is shown as a fair-complexioned man riding a monster fish called Makara, which has the head and legs of an antelope. He may have two to four hands and in one of his right hands he carries a noose.

Varuna lost his importance even during the Vedic times. Of his former character of a celestial deity, he retains only the title of the regent of the Western quarter of the compass. The mythological explanation of this great fall is that a great conflict occurred between gods and demons and when it was over each of the gods was assigned a clearly defined sphere of influence to avoid further conflicts. From this time onward Indra remained god of the atmosphere while Varuna was ousted from the guardianship of the heavens and was given the over-lordship of the oceans. Here he kept watch over the various demons of the ocean. Varuna sits with his wife, Varuni, on a throne of diamonds and the gods and goddesses of the different rivers, lakes and springs form his court.

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